Get social with Gym Communities

Share training details, compare scores, and cheer each other on with the built-in online
Gym Communities and Miiverse.

Join a gym or start your own

Start by joining an official Gym Community, join a friend's using their Gym Community ID, or start your own. When you do, you’ll get a Gym Community ID number that you can then share with family and friends, or post online so that any player can join.

Give kudos

Congratulate your gym buddies with a "Yeah!" or post a message to their profile.

Share your success

Post your latest high scores and other achievements for other gym members to see.

Throw out challenges

Jump into your Miiverse community and issue a challenge to your fellow gym members. Try inviting everyone to do the same Fit Meter course or compete for high scores in your favorite activity.

Want to check in with your fellow gym members? Visit Miiverse on your Wii U system, or online at Find your gym under "Favorite Communities" to view the latest posts.

Fit Tip

Dressed for success

As you accomplish goals and complete challenges, you'll be rewarded with cool new outfits for your Mii character. Be sure to show 'em off!