Wii Fit U is all about YOU

Set up a unique profile and Wii Fit U will help you track your activity and plan your routines,
so you can just have fun being active.

Ready, set, GO

Body Test

Jump right in by setting up your profile and taking your first Body Test. Wii Fit U will estimate your Body Mass Index (BMI), as well as your Wii Fit Age (as determined by a quick balance test).

Watch the video

Fun for all

Each person in the household can create their own profile (up to 12) and sync their own Fit Meter for a totally personalized Wii Fit U experience.

You can even track your pets' weights with up to 7 additional pet profiles!

Create your perfect workout

Personal training, simplified

Wii Fit U lets you take charge of your workouts as much (or as little) as you like. You can hand-pick your favorite activities for a customized workout, or just choose from a wide selection of pre-programmed routines.

See activities

Wii Fit U routines – Find activities based on your goals in the Wii Fit U Routines menu. Target a specific body part or browse categories like "Vitality."

My routine – Design up to three workouts filled with your favorite activities.

Personal Trainer – Let Wii Fit U recommend a routine based on intensity, duration, or calorie burn.

Stay on track

Setting and tracking your goals is a cinch. Simply enter your desired weight and a period of time to reach it, and let Wii Fit U calculate the daily number of calories you need to burn.

If your Fit Meter data falls short of your daily calorie-burning goal, Wii Fit U will even recommend specific training routines to make up the difference.

Check your daily activity levels, weight, BMI, and more with easy-to-read graphs.