A mode for every mood

Slalom down a slope, dive underwater, blast a water cannon…you'll find these and more within Wii Fit U's five activity categories, so there's always something to do.

All-new activities

Rowing Crew

Row in sync with your crew to win the race! Focus on timing and burn some calories.

Puzzle Squash

Hit the ball to knock the panels off the wall. Work up a sweat and a high score.

Free Boxing

You can box just on the GamePad! Just listen to your coach’s voice, and it will tell you what to do.


Burn some calories and jog your memory! Find the Mii characters based on their photos.

Rowing Crew

Puzzle Squash

Free Boxing


Returning activities

Hula Hoop®

Sway your hips to spin the Hula Hoop®. Get a good workout and help align your pelvis!

Super Hula Hoop®

Sway your hips from side to side to help align your pelvis and burn off calories.

Rhythm Boxing

Throw punches in time with the rhythm. This workout can help you burn your body fat.

Basic Run

Put the Wii Remote™ controller in your pocket, and run in place to help burn that body fat.

2-Person Run

Have a friend join you with a second Wii Remote (sold separately)! Only your data will be saved.

Free Run

Go for a run while you watch TV, and let the Wii Remote guide you.

Basic Step

Step to the front, back, left and right to improve your sense of rhythm.

Advanced Step

Step on the Wii Balance Board in time with the rhythm to help burn off calories.

Free Step

You can do aerobics while you watch TV by following the sound from the Wii Remote controller!

Driving Range

Use the Wii Remote as your club, and analyze your swing.

Island Cycling

Step on the Wii Balance Board to pedal. This will help work your lower body.

  • Hula Hoop®
  • Super Hula Hoop®
  • Rhythm Boxing
  • Basic Run
  • 2-Person Run
  • Free Run
  • Basic Step
  • Advanced Step
  • Free Step
  • Driving Range
  • Island Cycling