A mode for every mood

Slalom down a slope, dive underwater, blast a water cannon…you'll find these and more within Wii Fit U's five activity categories, so there's always something to do.

All-new activities


Test your judgment as you take aim with the Wii U GamePad and step down to spray water.


Make this a full-body workout by grabbing with both hands and stepping up to scale the wall!

Core Luge

Hop on the sled and slide at super speeds! You’ll also work your abs as you tilt your body to steer.

Dessert Course

Focus on your sense of balance as you deliver delicious goodies to your hungry guests!

Scuba Search

Work on your sense of direction as you explore. Look for treasure and watch your oxygen level!

Trampoline Target

Bend your knees and go soaring! Tone your legs and hips, and work your balance.

Ultimate Obstacle Course

Face the direction you want to move, and step your way through this challenging new course!



Core Luge

Dessert Course

Scuba Search

Trampoline Target

Ultimate Obstacle Course

Returning activities

Balance Bubble

Guide your Mii down the river by controlling your balance.

Bird's-Eye Bull's-Eye

Flap your arms to fly. This trains your upper-body strength and sense of balance.

Obstacle Course

Step in place to walk. Straighten your legs to jump. This tests your timing and agility.

Perfect 10

Shake your hips and do the math! This tests body and mind coordination.

Rhythm Kung Fu

Mimic kung-fu moves to the beat. This tests your sense of rhythm and coordination.

Ski Jump

Bend and extend at just the right moment, and jump for glory!

Ski Slalom

Lean left and right to ski down a slalom course.

Snowball Fight

Work on your judgment skills and reaction time as you fire away!

Soccer Heading

Head the soccer balls and dodge other flying objects!

Table Tilt

Lean your body left, right, forward, and backward to drop the balls into the holes.

Tilt City

Tilt the Wii Remote controller, and shift your weight. This tests your hand-eye coordination.

  • Balance Bubble
  • Bird's-Eye Bull's-Eye
  • Obstacle Course
  • Perfect 10
  • Rhythm Kung Fu
  • Ski Jump
  • Ski Slalom
  • Snowball Fight
  • Soccer Heading
  • Table Tilt
  • Tilt City